Steps to install and configure Apple Classroom app

  1. Install the Classroom App

Install the free Apple Classroom app from Self Service on the teacher’s iPad.

Note: Student devices do not need to have the app installed.

  1. Create and name the class

Launch the app, tap Create new class, and give your class a name. You can create multiple classes.

  1. Check Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Settings

Make sure that all iPads are Bluetooth-enabled and connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. Add students

Tap on the class(es) you created, and then tap Add Students.

  1. Prepare student devices to join

Ask your students to open the Settings app and look for the Classroom menu option.

  1. Ask students to select the class name

Once students have selected the Classroom menu, tell them to look for the name of your class.

  1. Share the code with students

Once students have selected the name of your class, give them the 4-digit code that is displayed on the teacher device.

  1. Watch student names appear on-screen

After this, students will be added to your class and you will be able to see their name listed on the screen.

With the Classroom app installed on the teacher device, teachers can:

  • Open apps on student devices
  • Restrict access to certain  apps on a particular device
  • Open websites on student devices
  • Lock all student iPads (“Eyes on teacher mode”)
  • Mute all student iPads
  • Get a live preview of all student screens at once, and tap on any student device to view it as a full screen
  • Create student groups for projects
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