Intro to Surface Studio


Different ways to use Surface Laptop Studio

Here’s a quick summary of the different ways you can use Surface Laptop Studio—just pull the display forward to change modes.

Laptop mode

Use laptop mode to get work done like you do on your laptop today. Whether you’re writing a document, working on a spreadsheet, or doing anything else you do on your laptop.

Stage mode

To go from a laptop to stage mode, pull the display forward, so it sits right above the touchpad to get an angled stage to work. Use Surface Laptop Studio to:

  • Present to colleagues or clients.
  • Connect to external displays for a clutter-free workspace.
  • Talk on a Microsoft Teams call.
  • Use touch on the touchscreen to get things done—for example, browse the web.

Studio mode

Pull the display all the way forward to go into studio mode. Surface Laptop Studio becomes a portable canvas to draw or sketch with Surface Slim Pen 2. When you’re not using your pen, it magnetically attaches under the front of the keyboard to securely store and charge it.

When you’re ready to use it like a laptop again, just lift the screen up.

Surface Laptop Studio features

Here's some of the top features and details that can help you get familiar with Surface Laptop Studio:

  1. Windows Hello camera
  2. Front-facing camera
  3. Studio Mics
  4. Surface Connect port
  5. Headphones jack

  1. Two USB-C ports with USB 4.0/Thunderbolt 4


Wake on Touch

When your Surface Laptop Studio goes to sleep, you can quickly wake it—just tap the screen when you're in stage or studio mode to get back to what you were doing.

The following video demonstrates how to change the modes on the Surface Studio


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