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To bulk check in a transactional script is created and dragged to the circulation or "check-in' window.

This link explains transactional scripts


Simply create a document in Notepad or another text editor with the following first line is a . 

second line is two ..

third line B (which means bookdrop or bulk load)

then scan the barcodes on single lines

Save the document with the .txt  extension



You then drag this to the check in window and it will bulk check in all the items in the list.

You can find a list of the codes for scripts here

As an example you can use

  • Discard Mode (DM). Used to move several copies to the Discarded Copies System Patron and provide a note for each on why they are being discarded.

Find a list of Default System Patrons here

Another good example is to use the Discarded Copies

Discarded Copies 2

To track items in the library that are not to be circulated, but have not yet been permanently removed.

  • When a discarded copy is ready to be circulated, check it in to make it available again.
  • Use the Remove Discarded Copies utility to permanently remove these items from your library


Maintaining and cleaning up the data information can be found here.


You can run an inventory clean up at the end of year as described here


If you need additional help you may call the helpdesk at 671-4444  and we can remote in to assist.

Do keep in mind that only Librarians have access to the Alexandria and TextBookTracker system.  This is a hosted web based application and the district does not have administrative functions.


Checkout the Support Pages for more information

Additionally you may call the TextTracker - Alexandria support

(800) 347-4942




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