Guest WiFi Request


Non district persons may request a guest account for connecting to our guest wifi network.

Follow this link to submit a new helpdesk request and supply the information as necessary.

Be sure to choose the Guest Wifi for the category and complete the required information.

Username(s) and password(s) will be sent to the requestor thru the ticket. 



Requests by default are for individual accounts and one session (one device connection).

Should a need be for a group event or meeting.  A group login can be created for a desired number of sessions/users.  Please indicate this in the description field.  An example is pictured below.


With this request one generic username and password will be created for 10 sessions allowing 10 device logins. eg username BHSMusic

For information on how to connect to the guest wifi see the article Connecting to SJSD Guest Internet.


You may also submit a ticket by sending email to - be sure to indicate the person(s) name or group, start date, end date and number of sessions if for a group.

Please phone the helpdesk if further assistance is required. 816-671-4444



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