Setting Up the EasyMP Projector Software


Once you have installed the Easy MP software  from Self Service you will need to configure it for connecting. 

This document will guide you through the configuration and connection.

If you need assistance in installing the software from self service you can find those instruction here. Self-Service - Application Installs

Begin by turning on your projector and opening the Easy MP software from your from your Launchpad.Launchpad_Applications.png

or from your Applications list.


On first pop up, select advanced, you can check the box so this doesn’t come up again.

Click OK


Click Manual search. Enter the IP address that is displayed on board when projector is turned on. It should be in the form of 10.x.x.x.x. Click OK after typing this into the box.


Your rooms projector should now be listed.  The IP address should be the same as you just entered. Check the box next to this line (It will say found). Before connecting, you can click “Save in the profile” to not have to enter the IP number again.  


Clicking “save in the profile” should bring the following box up. Name your projector here. 

Pickett Rm 11, for example.  Click ADD after naming it.




Each time you open EasyMP, you will get this view. Click the Profile drop down and select the profile name you just saved.  Check the box by your projector that is found. Click Connect.



If you only see your background when connecting, please follow this article to resolve the issue.

EasyMP - only showing desktop background

If you need further assistance call the helpdesk at 4444 or submit a helpdesk ticket.

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