Using the SJSD windows laptop as a short term Sub


Subs use a staff device that are specifically provisioned for staff and should not be using a student configured device.  Personal devices are prohibited from logging into the SJSD network.

Devices should be available at the school office or from your building IT person for short term subs.

Long term subs – a single person filling one position for more than two weeks, will have a mac device assigned from the helpdesk.

Elementary and Middle school use are the Dell Lattitude  3190 2-1 touchscreen

High Schools use the Dell 3300.

You can find the model on the bottom side of the device

Powering ON the device


The power on/off button for the 3190 is found on the right hand side of your device

The shorter/smaller button closer to the front.

Pictured below #3


  1. Audio Jack
  2. Batter Status light
  3. Power Button
  4. Volume Control
  5. Lock Slot


The power button is in the upper right of the keyboard.  Pictured as #1 below


Logging into the computer.

At startup every SJSD device is presented with the districts acceptable use policy.  Once you have read and agree to the policy you will be presented with the login screen.

  1. Ensure that your device is connected to the internet. SJSD devices should automatically connect to the SJSD wifi.

The wifi connection is in the lower right hand of the screen

If the device is not connected you will see the world icon like this


When connected it will change to mceclip3.png

  • Login with the username and password that you were given for SJSD.
  • Login names are firstnamelastname (all together no spaces or dots)
  • If you do not know your password contact the helpdesk at 4444


  1. If a previous username is in the login box. Select Other User in the lower left.mceclip4.pngmceclip5.png

Enter your Username and password and press enter.

The district uses Outlook for email.mceclip6.png

Open outlook and login with your district provided email. 

Your outlook email account is your firstlastname all together no space or dot between.

Open outlook and login with your district provided email.  and the same password as your computer login password.





Common Applications

Chrome and Edge browsers are available on the computer.  Many of the applications students and teachers use are web based.  Temporary staff/subs will not have accounts for applications, however, long term subs should have the same application access as the person they are subbing for.

The district uses Zendesk help center. 


There you can find information to help you with technology, such as using the Followme Printer


Some of the common web based applications links are below.






If you need assistance you may contact the helpdesk by

Call  816-671-4444.


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