Digital Citizenship


In this day and age, it is vital that our students understand the importance of their digital footprint.  There are lots of great resources in publication that can be woven into learning.  Students need to be responsible citizens of the digital age.


Common Sense Media

Complete lessons with scope and sequence to assist in the learning in the digital age.  Lessons are divided in to grade levels with a scaffold approach to grow with your students. Parent letter is available in English and Spanish.


Be Internet Awesome

Google provides a gamified approach to interact with students while educating them on the tribulations of the digital age.  Enter the world of Interland where students will learn the importance of being safe through four challenges.


Designed for grades 4-8, InCtrl goes more in-depth covering copyright, privacy, cyberbullying and information literacy.  This publication also provides examples of how it could impact each content area. 

Each of these publications offers a comprehensive approach to keeping your students safe and educating them about their digital footprint.  

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