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Students won't need to do anything. Their computers will auto join without any interaction from them.

When you first log in, teachers will see Pending Classrooms in the left-side of the dashboard (screenshot below). These Pending Classrooms will be automatically imported into the accounts of the owner of each classroom.


Teachers can click the "View details" button to view the rosters, and then Accept or Decline the classroom.

If "Decline" is selected, the classroom will be viewable in the "Archived" tab and may be restored at any time.

If "Accept" is selected, the classroom will be added to the "Active" classrooms and any fellow Teachers within that classroom will be able to see it in their account as well.

To start a class session, select a session duration then the Start Class button from a classroom tile. Once students are connected, you will begin to see their screens in your active class session. You'll see a screen from each student if they're in a browser. If they have both Chrome and Edge open, you'll see two screens for that student. You'll also be able to see a list of what tabs they have open.

Teacher commands can be used to interact with your students during active classroom sessions! Select student tile checkboxes (in the upper left corner of student tiles) to access the commands from the bottom blue bar, or click into a single student tile.


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