Multi Factor Authentication - Accessing school accounts off District Network


The district requires Multi-Factor Authentication for employees to access district software applications off-network. The most common applications used that will be affected are email, Teams, and Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, and OneDrive.

It is not required for every login, but first time logins to applications, and periodically moving forward.

Once you are set up, if you receive a notification of an attempted login, and you are not initiating it at that time please decline the attempt. This usually means someone else is trying to access your account. 

For multifactor authentication on your Office 365 account, there are two options.


Option 1

Install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your cell phone.  Make sure it’s the Microsoft Authenticator with the icon shown below. Links to the correct apps are below also.

Link to Iphone App

Link to Android App

After you install the app, you'll select "Work or School Account" and log in with your district email and password.

You'll verify identity via text and allow push notifications.

PLEASE NOTE Choosing to use this method can result in issues should you get a new cell phone.  It is recommended to choose another method and go with Option 2.


Option 2

Go to Portal.Office.Com select your pic or initials in the upper right corner and select “View Account”,



then select “Security Info”,

mceclip1.pngthen select “Add sign-in method” or Update Info

Choose the method you would like.  You can add your cell phone number, a landline/office phone or alternate email as an authentication method as well as the authenticator app.


Choosing phone then lets you set the number, to receive a call or a text.


Choosing Text Me a code will send a text message without the need to install the authenticator app.

During the setup it will send a text to have you continue mceclip5.png

After you enter the code that is sent to you select Next and it will be complete.

Choosing Call Me - rings with an automated voice from Microsoft asking you to press the # sign.


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